Education, health and care (EHC) plans and assessments

Assessments for EHC plans

We can assess your child's special educational needs to see if they need an EHC plan.

Usually, your child's school or college would ask us to do this, however, you can also make a request directly to us.

If you're between 16-25 years old, you can request an EHC needs assessment yourself.

How can I request an EHC needs assessment?

To make a request:

  1. Complete the EHC needs assessment request form below.
  2. Email the form to us at the email address listed on the form.
  3. We'll get in touch with you about the next steps within 5 working days.

EHC needs assessment form

What will happen during the EHC needs assessment?

Your child's EHC needs assessment may include interviews, observations, tests and a medical. 

After the EHC needs assessment, we'll decide whether your child needs to have an EHC plan. If we decide not to give your child an EHC plan, we'll let you know the reasons why and the support that will be provided.

What will happen if my child is given an EHC plan?

If we decide to give your child an EHC plan:

  1. We'll give you a draft EHC plan which outlines your child's needs and details the type of support they need to succeed. 
  2. Schools provide SEN provision in different ways. You'll be asked to choose preferences for a school or college you'd like your child to attend based on the support they need. This may be the school or college they currently attend.
  3. We'll contact your preferred schools or colleges to see if they can meet your child's needs.
  4. If necessary, we'll arrange for your child to attend your preferred school if the school agrees they can provide the support listed on the EHC plan.