Milkstone and Deeplish Active Neighbourhoods

About community-led traffic and road measures

Active Neighbourhoods are community-led traffic and road measures that aim to create safer, quieter streets. These will include measures to:

  • Reduce traffic speed and volume.
  • Create safer routes and attractive areas for local people to enjoy, spend time chatting and for children to play in.
  • Help everyone get around easily and safely by leaving the car at home and walking, cycling, and wheeling to school, work, visiting friends and family or going to the local shops.
  • Improve the area with more greenery, street art, benches and lighting.

All these things can help towards creating a cleaner, safer environment. It also helps make your neighbourhood a more pleasant place to live in, which is good for physical and mental wellbeing.

Why are Active Neighbourhoods being developed?

Over the last 10 years, traffic levels have increased significantly on many residential streets. This has created more pollution, noise and increased safety risks to local streets.

Many people in the local community don't have access to a car and would like to walk, cycle, scoot or wheel more but feel it's unsafe to do so.

Active Neighbourhoods, walking and cycling schemes and new road crossings will connect and transform travel across Greater Manchester and enable people to lead more active and healthier lives.

Other Active Neighbourhoods are being developed across Greater Manchester as part of the Bee Network, which will create an integrated transport system that will join up buses, trams, trains, cycling and walking routes.