Castleton to Bee the latest area to benefit from major travel network

Cycle lane outside Castleton station.
Artist impression of the scheme close to Castleton station.

Published: 24 August 2022

The first phase of delivering the Bee Network to Rochdale gets under way this September when work starts in Manchester Road, Castleton.

New segregated cycle lanes are being created along with new footpaths that will make walking and cycling in the area a safer and more pleasant experience.

The work is part of Greater Manchester’s Bee Network project that aims to develop a fully-integrated transport system for the region that includes walking and cycling.

The Castleton scheme, which is intended to eventually reach Rochdale town centre, is the largest single scheme in Greater Manchester.

How the cycle path will look up Manchester Road.

Artist impression of the scheme in Castleton centre.

As well as the new cycle lanes and footpaths, new crossing points will make it easier for pedestrians and cyclists to cross the road, and there will be improved access to Castleton station.

A number of new car parks are being created for motorists and a new community play park will be built on land opposite Nixon Street.

The work will start at The Royal Toby Hotel and be carried out in stages to minimise disruption.

Some side roads will close temporarily but Manchester Road will remain open with traffic management signals in place.

Cycle lane through a park.

Artist impression of the scheme close to Abbott Street in Castleton.

The new scheme will make it easier for residents to exercise in a safer environment. It is widely recognised this is beneficial for health and can improve outcomes for people by reducing the risk of developing conditions such as cancer and heart disease.

Councillor Daniel Meredith, cabinet member for housing and highways at Rochdale Borough Council, said: “Creating the Bee Network in Castleton will dramatically transform the area and create a safer, more connected community that offers choice of how to travel, where, for instance, children will be able to walk to school safely.

“Cyclists will be able to travel in a much safer environment, in their own dedicated space, away from traffic, reducing the likelihood of them being in an accident and making the activity far more pleasant.

“For both pedestrians and cyclists, it will be safer to cross the road through the introduction of controlled traffic signals along the length of Manchester Road.”

The council will keep residents regularly updated on traffic management issues and timescales and will release further information as work progresses.

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