Rochdale Town Hall memories to light the corners of our minds

An artitst's impression of people exploring the new Welcome Gallery exhibit.
An artist's impression of the Welcome Gallery.

Published: 16 August 2022

Rochdale Borough Council is appealing for resident’s reminders of Rochdale Town Hall to form part of an inspiring exhibition.

When Rochdale Town Hall reopens next year, in late summer 2023, there will be a new ‘Welcome Gallery’. It will tell the story of the building and how it's been used in recent decades for a variety of events from weddings to celebrations, festivals and a whole host of other public events.

As part of this gallery, we'd like to include your photos and objects, anything you think tells a story from the recent past that's reflective of your experience or the community in their use of the town hall.

Just think how great it would be if the smiles you left behind were to form part of the permanent exhibition.

A newly wed couple posing for a photo outside of Rochdale Town Hall.

Bride Zhara Khan celebrates her wedding at Rochdale Town Hall.

'Whenever we think of the past, unforgettable memories spring to mind'

Councillor Janet Emsley, cabinet member for equalities, safety and reform, said: “The new ‘Welcome Gallery’ will be the focal attraction for visitors to Rochdale Town Hall when it reopens. We want to make it as inclusive and embracing as possible which is where we need the help of our residents to send us their memories to form part of the exhibition.

“Whenever we think of the past, unforgettable memories spring to mind and so many residents across the borough will have fond memories of our splendid town hall, so please send in your pictures and objects and contribute to a living celebration.”

Any objects that do become part of the exhibition will be looked after to the very highest of museum collection standards by town hall staff. It's not expected that they are donated but rather that they're loaned on a long-term basis.

The town hall has hosted many events over the years, everything from gin festivals to organ recitals and high school proms, even at one point being a nightclub.

If you have any objects or pictures of these events or any others, or if you have an interesting story to tell, please contact the town hall team by:

Your beautiful memories may be displayed in the 'Welcome Gallery', presenting all visitors with something they simply cannot forget.

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