Stop smoking

About stopping smoking

Every cigarette you smoke causes real harm. 1 in 2 long-term smokers die from smoking-related diseases, such as heart disease, heart attacks, lung disease, cancers and stroke.

Smoking can also adversely affect your lungs, stomach, skin, bones, brain, and mouth and throat.

The effects of second-hand smoke can also be dangerous to your family and friends. So why not consider giving up smoking?

Clinics to help you stop smoking

Living Well Rochdale offer free support on a range of issues, including clinics to help you stop smoking.

Living Well Rochdale information - including stop smoking clinics

Paan, bidi and shisha advice

Tobacco that you don't smoke is not a safe way to use tobacco.

It still causes cancer and can be as addictive as smoking. This includes paan, betel quid and chewing tobacco.

Information and advice about stopping smoking paan, bidi and shisha