Drug and alcohol help

Tips for drinking less

Despite the negative health implications associated with alcohol, there's often no need to completely stop drinking it.

Keeping your drinking within the suggested guidelines can contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

Reducing your alcohol intake gradually is often something you're more likely to stick to, instead of cutting it out altogether.

  • Know what you’re buying - check the Alcohol By Volume (ABV) on a bottle before buying it so look out for lower alcohol alternatives 
  • Buy an alcohol measure - be sure you know how much you're drinking when you pour home-based spirits. It will also ensure your favourite drinks taste exactly the same as they do at the bar.
  • Beware of large rounds - they can make you drink quicker than you usually would. Stay in control and save cash by opting for smaller rounds with just a couple of friends, or avoid them altogether.
  • Get active - if you're bored or stressed, get active instead of drinking.
  • Set a limit - when you do drink, set yourself a limit and stick to it. 
  • Quench your thirst - try and have some non-alcoholic drinks before and in between your alcoholic ones.