Rochdale Music Service Festival of Performing and Creative Arts

A colourful fresco.

Date: Tuesday, 11 July 2023

Location: see individual event for details

Cost: free for audience members, please see prospectus for performers

About this event

The Rochdale Music Service Festival of Performing and Creative Arts takes place annually.

  • Who is this event suitable for? For adults and children of all ages.
  • Do I need to book? Booking isn't required for audience members.
  • Contact:
  • Event organiser: Rochdale Borough Council

The annual Rochdale Music Service Festival of Performing and Creative Arts covers all areas of the performing arts.

You can enter any of the events and perform at the festival, or just come along and watch.

View full details on the festival

Where and when are events taking place?

The normal home for the Rochdale Music Service is the town hall. While restoration work takes place, the festival is taking place in other local venues around Rochdale town centre.


The prospectus has full details of individual events and venues.

View prospectus – view full details of the festival


​Events and activities are not organised by Rochdale Borough Council unless stated otherwise. Neither is Rochdale Borough Council responsible for the accuracy of the information provided. If you are under 18, ask your parent/guardian before taking part in any event or activity.

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