What Are You Reading? Facebook group

A woman reading with a coffee in front of an open fire.

Date: 15 October 2021 - 31 December 2023 Recurs daily

Location: see individual event for details

Cost: Free

About this event

We've created a Facebook group to be a space to share the latest books we've all been reading.

  • Who is this event suitable for? For adults and teenagers.
  • Do I need to book? No, you can just turn up.
  • Directions: not applicable
  • Contact: library.service@rochdale.gov.uk
  • Event organiser: Rochdale Borough Council

Borrowing books

You can use our Request and Collect service to borrow books and keep reading.

Share updates with the group

Post a picture of what you're reading, and tell us what you think about it, if you're enjoying it or not so much. We can handle the truth, and we don't judge.

It might be an old favourite you keep coming back to, the newest bestseller everybody is raving about, or that random paperback you found down the back of the bookshelf. You might just find your next favourite read or find a new friend who also dislikes that novel you just couldn't get into.

You can also send us pictures of your books, your bookshelves, your favourite places to read or the best place to listen to an audiobook.

Join the group

It's free to join. Visit the group page by clicking the link below, then click on the Join group button when you're on the page.

Visit the What Are You Reading...? Facebook group 

Public settings

"What Are You Reading…?" is a public group. Everybody can see what's posted, but you can only post if you're a member.


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