Rochdale Town Hall virtual tour

Stained glass window inside Rochdale Town Hall.

Date: Wednesday, 19 October 2022

Location: see individual event for details

Cost: Free

About this event

Rochdale's fabulous Grade-I Victorian Gothic town hall is renowned worldwide for its unique and detailed architecture.

  • Who is this event suitable for? For everyone.
  • Do I need to book? No, you can take this virtual tour at any time.
  • Event organiser: Rochdale Borough Council

Take a virtual tour of Rochdale Town Hall through Google


You can also see a selection of images to view a brief history of the building on our Facebook gallery.

In-person tours

Due to Rochdale Town Hall being closed for renovation works, we're unable to offer in-person tours.

We're aiming to resume tours in person once Rochdale Town Hall has been refurbished in 2023.

Naming of the bells competition

We ran a competition in January 2019 to name the bells at Rochdale Town Hall. 

The winning names were:

  • The bells of co-operation (family name) 
  • Little Ben 
  • Our Gracie 
  • Recedham 
  • Bobbin Bell
  • The Bamford Bell 


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