Getting rid of pests

Book a pest control treatment

Please call us to book one of our pest control treatments.

If you're not sure what treatment you need or you're struggling to identify what kind of pests you have, call us to arrange a call-out visit.

Ring 0300 303 8871 to book a pest control treatment

Types of pest control treatments and costs

We offer different services for domestic homes and commercial businesses.

Domestic treatments and prices

All treatments must be paid in advance when you book an appointment.

Treatment or service Current cost Cost (from 1 April 2023) Discounted cost for households on Council Tax Support (from 1 April 2023)

(includes up to 2 revisits)

£28 £45 £20


£45 £20
Cockroaches and fleas

1 bedroom: £64

2-3 bedrooms: £84

4-5 bedrooms: £101

6 bedrooms: £118, plus £15 for each additional bedroom

£90 £45


£180 £90
Wasps nest £81




£120 £70

Commercial treatments and prices

Treatment or service Current cost Cost (from 1 April 2023)
Rats, mice, cockroaches and fleas £121 an hour

£126 an hour (minimum 1 hour)

Ants and other non-public health pests

£119 an hour £126 an hour (minimum 1 hour)

Wasps nest

£81 for each nest if you pay in advance

£128 for each nest if you pay by invoice

£150 for each nest, paid in advance

How we treat wasps

We use extendable lances to treat wasp nests when they're located at height.

In rare cases, we might not be able to reach a wasp nest because of how a building is constructed. Our Pest Control Officers use ladders to access a work area like a loft or cellar, but not to work from.

If you've any questions about treating wasp nests, contact us using the details on this page.

How to get a refund for incomplete treatments

If we can't complete your treatment, you may be issued a refund depending on the circumstances.

Partial refunds

You'll receive a partial refund if we cannot treat the pests for reasons outside of our control. You'll get a refund for the treatment but you'll have to pay a call-out charge of £46.

Reasons out of our control which may prevent treatments from taking place include:

  • Our treatment would be ineffective as pre-treatment advice was not followed.
  • It would be unsafe for us to undertake our treatment due to the presence of children, pets, ponds or wildlife habitats.

To request a partial refund, please get in touch using the contact details on this page.

Full refunds

You'll receive a full refund if our treatment cannot be undertaken due to the limitations of our equipment.

For example, a wasp nest that's out of reach of our extendable lance and therefore can't be treated.

To request a full refund, please get in touch using the contact details on this page.