Children affected by domestic abuse

Police and school partnership

Operation Encompass is a partnership between the police and schools.

It aims to support children and young people exposed to domestic abuse.

All primary and secondary schools in the borough are part of Operation Encompass. Our schools always endeavour to offer the best support possible for our students.

Police actions

When a Rochdale borough child is witness to or involved in a domestic abuse incident, Rochdale Borough Police will:

  • Notify the child's school at the start of the next school day. When an incident occurs on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, the police will contact the school on the following Monday.
  • Give information in confidence to the school's key adult. The key adult is also known as the designated safeguarding lead. You can see details about the key adult at your child's school on the school's website. View a list of school websites and contact details

School actions

When a child is witness to or involved in a domestic abuse incident, schools in the borough will be able to:

  • Recognise a child's situation immediately and discretely.
  • Create a secure and sympathetic environment.
  • Provide quick support within the school environment. Children who access immediate support re better safeguarded against the short, medium and long-term effects of domestic abuse.

Watch a police officer explain Operation Encompass

Watch the video below to listen to a Rochdale borough police officer explain what Operation Encompass is, why it's important, what the police will be doing in the borough and what their future plans for Operation Encompass are.