Who can help with domestic abuse

About who can help with domestic abuse

If you're a victim of domestic abuse, there's a range of support available to help you.

You may be interested in first contacting the specialist support organisations that have expertise in supporting victims of domestic violence and abuse.

Contact the police

To contact the police:

  • In an emergency, dial 999 and ask for help.
  • When you can't talk, dial 999 then press 55 when prompted. This is called the Silent Solution system.
  • For non-emergency assistance, dial 101 for the Greater Manchester Police Switchboard (24-hour service).

Find out about a partner's past

If you're worried about your partner or ex-partner's behaviour, you can find out if they've got a criminal history of violence or abuse in their previous relationships.

You can also request this information about the partner of a close friend or family member if you're concerned about them. Your right to request this information is covered in the Domestic Abuse Act 2021.

Request information under Clare's Law

Rochdale Victim Support

Rochdale Victim Support aims to be the first point of contact for male and female domestic abuse victims in the borough of Rochdale. They'll help to find you the right support, no matter what you need - from one-to-one support to help attending court.

They're currently offering telephone and email support, including safety planning on the following contact details.

Ring 0161 507 9609 or email rochdale@victimsupport.org.uk.

Find a safe house

Safenet provides refuge accommodation to women and children in the borough of Rochdale and can be contacted 24 hours a day. They also offer safe houses and outreach support for male and female victims and survivors.

You can access a pet fostering service if you're a victim of domestic abuse within Greater Manchester who has a domestic pet and is fleeing to temporary accommodation.

If you're a woman fleeing domestic abuse, you may be able to get a free train ticket which you can use to travel to refuge accommodation.