School Readiness Strategy

School Readiness Strategy

Supporting a child to be ready for school is a journey that involves a wide range of people.

When is a child ready for school?

In the borough, we believe school ready children are curious, confident and co-operative. We consider a child ready to start primary school if they:

  • Are confident in approaching and communicating with others
  • Are excited and enthusiastic about learning
  • Are resilient, ready to take on new things and solve problems
  • Feel safe, secure, cared for, listened to, valued and respected
  • Have a broad range of knowledge and skills and are able to make choices
  • Are active, healthy and can independently use self-care skills
  • Have started to develop an awareness of their own emotions and behaviour
  • Have started to develop their turn-taking and co-operation with others

Why school readiness is important

A child who is ready for school is more likely to meet their full potential, throughout their schooling and in life beyond the school gates.

What Rochdale borough parents and practitioners do in these early years to support school readiness really does make a difference to the rest of a child’s life.

School Readiness Strategy

Our goal for the borough is for all services working with young children and their families to play an important role in supporting school readiness.

Our school readiness strategy reflects key principles that school readiness is achieved through families, ready communities, ready services and ready children. It includes:

  • Strategic aims for getting children ready for school
  • Key outcomes of school readiness
  • Local and national context of school readiness
  • Comparison of school readiness in the borough to other areas of the UK

School readiness conference – November 2018

We hosted a conference on school readiness on Friday, 23 November 2018 for services working with children in the borough. The conference supported us to raise the profile of our strategy in order to reach our school readiness goals and ambitions.

You can download the programme and the presentations from the conference on school readiness.

Family Services Model

Rochdale borough's Family Services Model was launched in January 2018 and is integral to the delivery of our local early intervention, including getting children ready for school.

Children's Centres, locality teams, midwives, health visitors, schools and early years settings support a whole family approach to children and families which complements the early years offer.

How we plan to support children up to 1,000 days old

The first 1,000 days (2 years) of a child's life are crucial to their development and lifelong health. Children need to have a happy, healthy and supported first 1,000 days to be school ready.

Our 1,001 Day Pathway shows how we plan to support children and families at every stage of these 1,000 days. We start this pathway at the antenatal period and continue with it until 2 years old.

The pathway involves a wide range of people and professionals offering different opportunities. It aims to support children and families to access the right services at the right time.

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