Civil Parking Enforcement Annual Report

Annual Parking Report

We're currently promoting a platform for change through the Rochdale Borough Renaissance Masterplan, which sets out a 15-year vision to become nationally recognised for the quality of life offered to residents, visitors and employees so people will choose to come and live in Rochdale.

The Masterplan and Transport Strategy aim to deliver radical improvements to the public transport network and by continually enforcing the on and off-street parking restrictions we endeavour to deliver and sustain improved network developments. Good access and connectivity are crucial if the vision for the borough is to be achieved. Parking provision and management is a key element of the Local Transport Plan and whilst parking restrictions are rarely popular with motorists, without them there would be significantly higher levels of congestion (even gridlock), frustration, stress and potentially an increase in the number of accidents.

Our continuing objectives

  • Improve road safety generally to reduce the potential for accidents, and keep areas outside of schools free of traffic to help keep children safe.
  • Meet the needs of customers with special requirements such as disabled badge holders and manage kerb space to ensure access to facilities.
  • Improve the flow of traffic and journey times throughout the area, including accessibility to public transport.
  • Ensure effective loading and unloading for local businesses.
  • Provide a turnover of available parking spaces for areas of high demand.
  • Improve the environment by reducing congestion, and damage to the pavement.

Residents, businesses, commuters, people with disabilities, shoppers, students and visitors are just some of the groups who have differing needs for parking and travel. By administering effective parking management, the council ensures that available parking areas and road space can be shared fairly and transparently.

How to report problems with roads

You can report problems and damaged roads by completing our online forms.

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