Carers Assessment and Support Plan

Carers Assessment and Support Plan

The purpose of a Carers Assessment

  • Establish whether or not the caring role is sustainable.
  • Establish whether or not a carer is eligible for support.
  • Look at the support needs of the carer and how these may be met.
  • Allow carers to identify their own desired outcomes.
  • Determine what would assist a carer in looking after their own well being.
  • Look at what services, if any, are to be provided by Adult Care for the carer or the person they care for.

The Carers Support Plan

The plan should be completed in partnership with the carer, giving these details:

  • The agreed action following the assessment.
  • Who's responsible.
  • The timescales for this action.

Information for carers

  • You have the right to talk to your worker in private, or may talk to them separately from the person you care for, or you may talk to a different worker.
  • You have the right to have a relative, friend or advocate with you.
  • It is up to you what you tell the worker, but it will help us to know about the effect caring is having on your life so that we can provide the help you need.
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Carers Assessment and Support Plan

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1 March 2007
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