Staying Put

Staying Put is the name for staying with your foster carer after you turn 18.

You can stay with your foster carers until you're 21 years of age, or 25 if you're in full-time higher education or have a disability.

Reasons for Staying Put

Every young person will have different reasons for staying with their foster carers after age 18.

For example, you can benefit by:

  • Being able to stay to complete education and training courses or while studying at university
  • Being able to stay with carers who can provide support, guidance and care
  • Living with carers where you can continue to develop and improve your independence skills
  • Staying with your carers and moving to independent living at a time when you feel ready to manage your own place

Who can Stay Put

All young people can remain in a Staying Put arrangement with their foster carers when they reach the age of 18.

If you want to stay and both you and your foster carer feel it is a good idea and your social worker supports the plan, you can.

When to move on

You can remain in your Staying Put arrangement until you are ready to move on.

The actual timescale will depend on your needs. You will discuss and decide this with your foster carer, your social worker and leaving care personal adviser.

If you feel you are ready for independent living, want to move to college or for a job, you can leave at any point. But, we would want to plan your move in advance and so ask for at least 28 days' notice. This is particularly important as it may take time to organise your next accommodation.