Tell us your bin was not emptied

Report a missed bin, bin not emptied

To report your missed bin:

  1. You'll need to wait until after 5pm on your collection day.
  2. Follow the link below to report your missed bin.
  3. Reporting your issue through MyAccount. It's your faster, safer and more flexible way to access your council services. You'll also have an online record to show you've contacted us.

Report a missed bin collection

What happens next?

If you meet the following criteria, leave your missed bin out and we'll try to collect it within 48 hours.

  • You need to have correctly presented the right bin before 7am on the day of collection.   
  • If your brown food and garden waste bin was not emptied, you'll also have to meet the following criteria - you must have reported, or we must already have a record of, your bin being missed on one or more consecutive occasions.

If you don't meet the above criteria, please bring your bin back in. We won't return to collect it until your next scheduled collection day. If your bins are full, you may want to dispose of your waste for free at one of our waste and recycling centres (tips).