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Corporate complaints and compliments

We work hard to provide the best service for all our customers and we appreciate you taking the time to let us know what you think. You can contact us, your local councillor or MP for help making a complaint.

How to make a complaint, compliment or comment

We are committed to providing high quality services, and our staff work hard to achieve this. We welcome your feedback, whether it's to make a comment, pay a compliment or make a complaint about our services. The information you provide will help us improve our services to make sure we are meeting the needs of our customers.

You can get in touch with us about council services in any of the following ways:

Anti-social behaviour

If you're not satisfied with the response to your reports of anti-social behaviour, you can request a case review of all the agencies involved if:

  • You have complained 3 times in the last 6 months about separate incidents, or
  • 5 people in the local community have complained separately in the last 6 months about similar incidents.

For more information and to request a review see the Community Trigger.

Rochdale Boroughwide Housing and Link4Life

If your feedback is about Rochdale Boroughwide Housing or Link4Life you'll need to contact them directly.

Procedures for complaints, compliments and comments

We have processes that deal with complaints, compliments and comments. You can find more information about how we deal with complaints here:

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