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School term and holiday dates

These dates are adhered to by the majority of schools in the borough but some do vary the term start and finish dates for religious festivals, inservice training or use as a polling station. Please check with individual schools directly.


Summer term

Begins Monday 20 April 2015.
Half term Monday 25 May 2015 to Friday 29 May 2015 inclusive.
Ends Tuesday 21 July 2015.


Autumn term

Begins Thursday 3 September 2015.
Half term Monday 26 October 2015 to Friday 30 October 2015 inclusive.
Ends Friday 18 December 2015.
Christmas holiday Monday 21 December 2015 to Friday 1 January 2016 inclusive.

Spring term

Begins Monday 4 January 2016.
Half term Monday 15 February 2016 to Friday 19 February 2016 inclusive.
Ends Thursday 24 March 2016.
Easter holiday Friday 25 March 2016 to Friday 8 April 2016 inclusive.

Summer term

Begins Monday 11 April 2016.
Half term Monday 30 May 2016 to Friday 3 June 2016 inclusive.
Ends Wednesday 20 July 2016.

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