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Request a new bin or report a problem with your bins

Complete the form below to:

  • Request a new bin: If your wheelie bin has been stolen or damaged, you can request a replacement from us. Your first replacement waste bin is free of charge, but you'll be charged £32.20 for any further replacements. This cost only applies to waste bins; recycling bins are all free of charge.
  • Report a problem with your bins: Tell us if your waste or recycling bin has been damaged, burnt or stolen.

Request a new bin or report a problem with your bins (opens in new window)

Your bin entitlement

If you've moved into the borough and need to order your bins, entitlement for each property is:

  • 1 x General waste bin (dark green)
  • 1 x Recycling bin for cans and bottles (light green with a blue lid)
  • 1 x Recycling bin for paper and cardboard (blue)

All bins hold 240 litres of waste. For properties with limited space smaller bins (holding 140 litres) can be requested.

Additional bins for general waste can only be provided for larger families, evidence of family members will be required when ordering your bins.

Properties with gardens can also have a garden waste bin (brown) which can also be used for food waste. These are provided with a 5 litre kitchen caddy and 1 roll of compostable liners, further liners if required can be purchased throughout the borough at retail outlets.

Contact us

0300 303 8884

Environmental Management
Green Lane
Heywood OL10 2DY
(Postal address only)

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