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Where to put your bin for collection

On your collection day you should wheel your bin to the collection point, usually at the edge of the kerb, and collect it from the same place as soon as you can after it's been emptied .

For most properties the collection point for your bins is at the kerbside. Your bin should be positioned so it doesn't obstruct the highway or footway. Some properties will have communal collection points (for example; flats, cul-de-sacs, back to back terrace or town houses).

Please make sure your bin lid is down and that all the waste is inside the bin, otherwise we cannot collect your bin. Any waste left next to a bin is treated as fly tipping and we may have to take action.

If you don't know where your collection point is please contact us.

We'd recommend numbering your bin to reduce the chances of it going missing.  Also bring it back in after collection to reduce the chances of malicious fires or your bin being stolen.


0300 303 8884

Environmental Management
Green Lane
Heywood OL10 2DY
(Postal address only)

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