Snow and ice - bin collection contingency

Should snow and icy conditions hit the borough of Rochdale this winter, we'll action contingency plans to minimise disruption.

If collections are suspended for health and safety reasons due to severe weather,  we'll do our best to catch-up as soon as possible. You can access the latest information on our website along with whether or not you should keep your bins out; you can also sign up to receive an email each time we make a significant change to the web page.

View bin collection changes or sign up to keep up-to-date

Recycling and bins

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Find out when we collect your recycling and waste.


Report a missed bin collection

Report it from 5pm on the day of collection or at any time on a later day.


Request a new bin or report a problem with your bins

Request a new bin or tell us if your waste or recycling bin has been damaged, burnt or stolen.


View bin collection changes

Find out about changes to bin collections.You can subscribe to the page to be kept up-to-date.


Where's the rubbish tip and recycling centre? 

Details of where the recycling centres are, when they're open and what you can recycle.

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