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Recycling and bins

Popular services in this section


Find your bin collection date

Find out when we collect your recycling and waste.


Report a missed bin collection

Report it from 5pm on the day of collection or at any time on a later day.


Request a new bin or report a problem with your bins

Request a new bin or tell us if your waste or recycling bin has been damaged, burnt or stolen.


View bin collection changes

Find out about changes to bin collections. You can subscribe to the page to be kept up-to-date.


Where's the rubbish tip and recycling centre? 

Details of where the recycling centres are, when they're open and what you can recycle.

report fly-tipping

Report fly-tipping, dog fouling...

How to report anti-social activity.

More services


Remove bulky household items

Donate your unwanted furniture or ask us to remove bulky household items.

what goes in your bin

Which bin should I use?

Details of what's allowed and not allowed to be put in each of your bins.


Where to put your bin for collection

On your collection day you should wheel your bin to the collection point, usually at the edge of the kerb, and collect it from the same place as soon as you can after it's been emptied .

food waste

Reduce your waste

Helpful tips and recipes to help you save up to £60 per month plus how to easily reduce your waste including stopping junk mail.


Business waste

Advice on the removal of commercial waste.



Information to help you compost at home.

What happens to my recycling

Find out what happens to your recycling from your household bins and from your local recycling centre. 


Get rid of pests

Details of what we can and can't treat and how to book an inspection for us to call.


Request an assisted bin collection

If you need help with moving your bin to your designated collection point we may be able to assist you if you meet certain conditions.


Making it easier to order your recycling bin

To improve our recycling rates, we're working with Enventure Research to make it even easier for you to order a recycling bin.


Recycling week 22-28 June 2015

Top tips for recycling more waste around the home.


Find out about changes to bin collections. You can subscribe to the page to be kept up-to-date.

Bin collection changes and FAQs


With your help we can recycle more and reduce our costs to help protect other services.

  • The Rochdale borough recycled around 34% of its waste in 2014.
  • Too much waste that could be recycled is still going in the general waste (dark green) bin.
  • Increasing the amount we recycle by 5% could help us save over £1 million a year. This is money which could be used to help safeguard other essential public services.
  • We need to save over £52 million in the latest round of cuts and with your help we can reduce our disposal costs.
  • It currently costs us £10 every time we empty a general waste (dark green) bin and costs are increasing each year

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