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Apply for planning permission - householders

Do I need to apply for planning permission?

Not all work will require planning permission. You can check the interactive guide on the Planning Portal to see what does and doesn't need planning permission. If your property is a listed building you must also apply for listed building consent. Planning permission may also be needed if your property lies within a Conservation area. 

Check to see if you need planning permission or building regulation approval

How to apply for planning permission

You need to apply for planning permission through the Planning Portal.

Apply for planning permission

Advice and charges

If you need to apply for planning permission and require some advice find out how much it costs and how to access it - pre-application advice and charges.

What to do if you don't need planning permission

You can apply for a certificate which is a legally binding document that protects all parties and can be relied upon when conducting property searches. There are 2 types of certificates:

  • Apply for a lawful development certificate (Proposed) - this will confirm whether or not your proposal requires planning permission. 
  • Apply for lawful development certificate (Existing)  - this will confirm  whether or not planning permission was required for work which has taken place.

Apply for a lawful development certificate

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