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Pre-application planning advice and charges

If you'd like some advice or help with a planning application, you can contact us before you apply. By contacting us, you'll receive a faster response and be in with a better chance of submitting a valid application which meets all policies and requirements.

We charge for most types of our pre-application advice but the Planning Portal have FREE planning application guidance which you may find useful.

Standard pre-application planning advice

To apply for standard pre-application advice:

  1. Complete the request for pre-application advice form below. Please include details of the proposed works, a site location plan, photographs and drawings of your proposal. Please provide as much information as you can to help us provide the best possible advice to you. 
  2. Ring 0300 303 8873 to pay the charge by card, if required. You can view our charges below. 
  3. Within 1 week of you sending your request or making your payments, we'll:
    • Let you know we've received your request and your fee.
    • Tell you the name of the planning officer who'll be looking at your case and giving you advice.
    • Ask you for any information that we're missing before we can give advice, if necessary.
  4. We'll then provide you with your verbal or written advice or give you the date of your meeting within the following 3 weeks.

Request for pre-application advice (opens in a new window)

Charges for standard pre-application advice

Below are our charges and the type of advice we offer for each planning application. If your planning application is for a very small project, you may be exempt from a paying the charge. If you think this refers to you, please contact us using the details on this page to discuss your payment.

Need fast advice? If you're applying for meeting advice, you can pay an additional 25% of the charge listed below to get a meeting with us within 10 working days and your written advice within 5 working days of the meeting. If you would like to pay for quicker advice, please email us using the details on this page.

Type of planning applicationCharge​Advice given

House extensions or alterations

FREE​Verbal advice

Listed building and ​consents​

FREE​Verbal or written advice

House extensions or alterations

Request for a site visit or confirmation letter.

£101 including VAT​Written advice
​Minor changes of use
  • Less than 200 square metres of floor space.
​​£158 including VAT​Written advice

Minor development

  • Less than 3 residential units.
  • All non-residential development with a gross floor space less than 500 square metres, or on sites less than 0.5 hectares.
  • Change of use of buildings with a floor space of less than 500 square metres, or on sites less than 0.5 hectares.
  • Single wind turbine or telecoms mast with height less than 17 metres.
£420 including VAT​Meeting and written advice
Minor Development (complex)
  • Development of between 3 and 9 residential units.
  • Non-residential development between 500 square metres and 1,000 square metres, or on sites between 0.5 hectares and 1 hectare in site area.
  • Change of use of buildings with a floor space between 500 square metres and 1,000 square metres, or on sites between 0.5 hectares and 1 hectare.
  • Single wind turbine or telecoms mast with mast height exceeding 15 metres.
£583 including VAT​Meeting and written advice
Major development
  • Development of between 10 and 49 residential units.
  • The provision of building(s) exceeding 1,000 square metres gross floor space.
  • Non residential development or other operations of a site having an area of 1 hectare or more.
  • Development involving more than 2 wind turbines.
  • Development requiring Environmental Impact Assessment.
  • Minerals and applications involving waste.
£835 including VAT​Meeting and written advice

Major development (complex)

  • More than 50 residential units.
  • Non residential development or other operations of a site having an area of 2 hectares or more.
​£1,500 including VAT​Meeting and written advice
Planning Performance Agreement​Charge will be decided on an individual basis. Please contact us for a quote.Series of meetings and written advice

Types of standard pre-application planning advice we offer

We offer 3 different types of advice depending on what type of application you're making. Our advice will be approved by our chief planning officer before we give it to you.

Verbal pre-application planning advice includes:

  • Over the phone advice about your case and whether you need to apply for permissions.
  • Our recommendations for your application.
  • Brief overview of any areas you may need to change before submitting your application.

Written pre-application planning advice includes:

  • A broad assessment of whether your proposal and your designs are acceptable or not.
  • A list of any factors we've identified which could lead to your application being refused.
  • Names of any key planning policies which might affect your application.
  • A list of areas you should address before submitting your application.
  • Our recommendations for improving your application.

Meeting pre-application planning advice includes:

  • A discussion of the merits of your proposal.
  • A detailed assessment of your proposal.
  • A chance for you to ask any specific questions about your planning application.
  • Some written advice following the meeting. We'll send you our written advice within 15 working days of your meeting.

Premium pre-application planning advice

We also offer premium advice which includes everything in our standard pre-application advice plus:

  • Follow up advice
  • Additional meetings
  • Specialist advice
  • Accompanied site visits

Please email us to request premium pre-application planning advice.

Email to request premium advice

Charges for premium pre-application advice

We charge hourly for this service and the charge depends on the type of planning application you're going to make and the member of our team you'd like to get advice from.

​Type of advice ​Hourly charge including VAT
​Assistant director advice​£74.89
​Chief planning officer advice​£50.40
​Development manager advice​£45.18
​Case officer advice​£40.39
​Minor development specialist advice​£21.44
​Major development specialist advice​£31.04
​Complex major development specialist advice​£38.49

Drainage for major developments planning application advice

Development applications are more likely to be accepted if you plan on including sustainable drainage in your development.

Our sustainable draining pre-application advice includes advice on what kind of drains you should include in your development, the drainage hierarchies and a validation checklist.

Sustainable drainage pre-application advice (479kb pdf) ​ 

A​rchaeological interests planning application advice

Our archaeological interests advice includes information on how to obtain pre-application advice from the Greater Manchester Advisory Service. You'll need to get their advice if there are, or you think there might be, archaeological interests on your development site.

Archaeological advice to applicants and consultants (249kb pdf)



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