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Sustainability goals and outcomes

Sustainability is about meeting our needs now without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. True sustainability can only be achieved if social, economic and environmental factors are balanced.

The council has an important role to play in helping to deliver a more sustainable borough. This is because we're an employer, a provider of local services and a community leader.

We've therefore created some goals to help make the borough of Rochdale more sustainable. Our goals cover the 3 main areas of sustainability:

  • Social sustainability - meet people’s basic needs and provide opportunities to ensure quality of life
  • Economic sustainability -  grow the economy while using resources efficiently and responsibly
  • Environmental sustainability - conserve natural resources and protect ecosystems for future generations
These goals are built around the 17 Sustainable Development Goals developed by the United Nations (UN). The UN's goals aim to create a better and more sustainable future for all.

Social sustainability goals

Social sustainability is about creating healthy and liveable communities for current and future generations. Socially sustainable communities are equal, diverse, connected, democratic and provide a good quality of life.

Our social sustainability goals are for:

  • No poverty: this means providing better housing and building resilience to natural disasters and events.
  • Zero hunger: this means improving access to food and supporting healthy eating.
  • Good health and wellbeing: this means encouraging healthy lifestyles and providing healthy places and spaces.
  • Quality education: this means offering courses and education about green issues and developing skills to work in green sectors.
  • Gender equality: this means more women are involved in climate action and working in green jobs.
  • Reduced inequalities: this means getting more younger people involved in green issues and helping vulnerable groups to benefit from climate action.
  • Peace, justice and strong institutions: this means effective governance and engagement and putting in place strategies and plans.

Economic sustainability goals

Economic sustainability refers to practices that support long-term economic growth without negatively impacting other parts of the community.

Our economic sustainability goals are for:

  • Decent work and economic growth: this means providing green goods, services and jobs.
  • Industry, innovation and infrastructure: this means facilitating green businesses, technology and production.
  • Sustainable cities and communities: this means having a greener, more resilient infrastructure and a cleaner borough.
  • Responsible consumption and production: this means reducing waste and recycling more.

Environmental sustainability goals

Environmental sustainability is concerned with whether environmental resources will be protected and maintained for future generations.

Our environmental sustainability goals are for:

  • Clean water and sanitation: this means protecting water supplies and managing water use.
  • Affordable and clean energy: this means protecting our energy supply and managing energy use.
  • Climate action: this means providing carbon literacy and persuading others to do their bit.
  • Life below water and life on land: this means protecting aquatic habitats, protecting wildlife and creating and protecting green spaces.

How we'll achieve our sustainability goals

We'll work in partnership to achieve our goals through cooperation, finance and data.

Our Climate Change and Sustainability Strategy sets out our plans for reaching our sustainability goals.


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