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Report street light problems

Check reported faults or report a fault in the Oldham and Rochdale area.

How to report a street lighting fault?

  1. Check if the fault has already been reported. Search for an existing fault on Lighting Up Oldham & Rochdale
  2. Identify if it is an urgent problem.
  3. If not already reported, please ring us to report urgent problems or report non-urgent problems online. It would help if you could please give us detailed information about the problem. For example, tell us if the light is out altogether, going on and off, burning all day or intermittent and include the number of the column if you can. If you can't see this then please state the exact location or adjacent house number.
  4. We aim to fix urgent faults where street lights are in a dangerous condition within one hour of the contractor being made aware of the issue.
  5. We aim to fix non-urgent faults within 5 working days, unless we're really busy or the weather is bad. For problems with the electricity cable feeding the column, we notify the utility who'll attend after getting our report. We'll come out to assess the damage to leaning or damaged lamp columns and determine how urgent the job is.
  6. Please note street lights on motorways and trunk roads (major roads between towns that are an alternative to a motorway) are looked after by the Highways Agency, so any faults should be reported using their helpline at 0300 123 5000 or by email to map of roads managed by Highways England.

We're aware of issues with Apple devices when reporting a problem online and are working with our supplier to try to resolve this. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Report urgent problems on 0800 015 0452 (24 hours)
Report non-urgent problems online on Lighting Up Oldham & Rochdale website

What are urgent street lighting problems?

Urgent problems with street lights, illuminated signs or bollards are:

  • Columns or posts knocked down
  • Doors off equipment
  • Exposed electrical wires
  • Damage or defect resulting in a risk to public safety, for example part of the lighting apparatus hanging loose or a column likely to fall over
  • Damage or defect to the lighting apparatus that could potentially damage property
  • More than 3 consecutive street lights out
  • Damage to a lighting column, illuminated traffic sign or bollard after a road traffic accident


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