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Salt bins - popular questions answered

​Can I use the salt to grit a private property?

No. The salt in the highways salt bins is for use by the public on public roads, pedestrian areas and footways only. The salt must not be used to grit private properties.

We regularly monitor the salt levels in the bins according to weather conditions. If we discover salt levels decreasing beyond what the demand should be, there may be misappropriate usage of the salt, which may force us to remove the salt bin permanently. Email in confidence to report any suspected misuse giving the exact location of the bin and its number, which is located on the metal plate attached to it.

Can council salt be supplied directly to members of the public?

No, sorry. We have to preserve our stocks so we can maintain our critical road network, heavy footfall pavement areas and have enough to fill the borough's salt bins.

Why does the council provide salt bins? Can't it do all the gritting instead?

It's not possible for our gritters to spread salt on every road and pavement in the borough. We've therefore provided salt bins at key locations throughout the borough to allow residents, motorists and pedestrians to spread the salt on the public highway and pedestrian areas. 

How many salt bins are there in the borough?

There are over 500 highways salt bins distributed at key locations throughout the borough for use by the public on public roads and pedestrian areas and footways only.

What type of salt is placed in the salt bins?

The rock salt in the salt bins is the same as the rock salt we use to treat roads and pedestrian areas. This is because the salt in the salt bins should be used on public roads and pedestrian areas. 

The salt is more effective if it's kept dry prior to being spread, so salt bin lids should be kept closed when not in use. If you see any salt bin lids which have been left open please close them to preserve the quality of the salt.

There may be occasions where we have to restrict salt usage though. In these circumstances we may mix the rock salt in salt bins with grit sand or even use white salt with grit sand. This helps us to preserve salt supplies but it also has the added benefit that it can help make the surface less slippery - especially if it is icy or hard packed snow.

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