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Salt bins

Complete the form below to: 

  • Report a damaged salt bin
  • Request a salt bin for your road

Report a damaged salt bin

Guidance note: you'll be asked to supply the number of the salt bin. You can find this on the metal plate attached to the bin. If there's no number on the bin, it's not managed by our Highways Service. However, where possible, we'll pass on reports to the responsible service.

We can only replace a limited number of salt bins each year and we may not be able to replace a damaged bin immediately.

Request a salt bin for your road

If you're requesting a salt bin for this winter you'll need to have submitted your request during 1 April-30 September; otherwise we'll consider your request for the following winter.

After you've requested a salt bin: 

  • We can't make an immediate decision as we have to review all the requests we receive and prioritise based on the needs of areas.
  • We'll assess your request using our approved needs-based criteria. Councillors will then make the final decision on approving a salt bin request.
  • We'll review your proposed location to ensure there is access for restocking and that the salt bin doesn't cause an obstruction, create a hazard or cause security problems. Unless there's a specific reason, we won't put a salt bin on roads or pedestrian areas which are already on our treatment routes or already have a salt bin.

Submit a salt bin report or request (opens in a new window)

How often do we fill salt bins?

We fill the salt bins at the start of the winter season and then monitor usage. We refill them once a week during periods of high demand. If we need to preserve salt stocks we may have to reduce the frequency of refilling salt bins.

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