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Council continue to crack down on fly-tipping

11 January 2019

Bulk of waste thrown away.

2 more residents have been fined after council investigations linked them to rubbish found fly-tipped in Heywood and Middleton, and another for littering in Rochdale.

Both defendants were prosecuted for an offence contrary to the Environmental Protection Act 1990 at Manchester and Salford Magistrates' Court and received fines and a criminal record after rubbish from their homes was found dumped. They told the court how they hired 'cowboy' waste collectors to remove the rubbish but neither provided full details of the people they had employed.

The council is continuing to clampdown on residents who do not dispose of their waste responsibly. 34 people were prosecuted in 2018 for environmental crimes leading to financial penalties of over £17,000.

Hayley Spencer, 34, of Miller Street, Heywood, pleaded guilty on Wednesday, 19 December 2018 after her household rubbish was found on land next to Heywood Cricket Club in December 2017. Ms Spencer was ordered to pay a total of £170 in fines and costs.

Amanda Collinge, 45, of Manchester Road, Rochdale, pleaded guilty and was ordered by the court to pay a total of £180 on Tuesday, 13 November 2018. Her rubbish was found tipped on Thornham Lane, Middleton, in November 2017.

A third person has been convicted of littering in Rochdale. On Tuesday, 13 November 2018 Katie Hurst, 26, of Great Gates Road, Rochdale, was ordered to pay a total of £515 in fines and costs.

A further 6 people are due in court soon and 9 other cases are being prepared.

Councillor Neil Emmott, our Cabinet Member forEnvironment, said: "We're as sick of fly-tippers and littering as our residents are. It's a blight on our streets and beautiful countryside and ultimately costs the tax payer money. There are many legitimate and easy ways to get rid of waste so there is never an excuse for it being dumped. We will continue to crack down on and prosecute wherever and whenever we can. Our message to those who have excess household rubbish for removal is to take it to one of our tips, or to hire a licensed waste carrier or book a bulky waste collection from us. If you don't and your waste is found fly-tipped, you will face prosecution.

"If you have any information about fly-tipping or those responsible, please report it at or by calling 0300 303 8884."

Information about how to dispose of bulky waste and the locations of recycling centres.