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​​Bank holiday service changes

Council offices and libraries are closed on Monday 30 May 2016, although you​ can access online services on this website 24 hours a day. Our Contact Centre will remain open for emergency calls only. View service changes.​


​​Stats and Maps

The Stats and Maps application enables professionals and the public to access statistics for a local area and display them as a map, graph or table, and to use a map of the borough to zoom in on a location and display local services.

Google maps

Google offer a useful web based mapping application that you can use to find places and directions.

Maps of council buildings

We use Google maps to help you find council buildings and services.


Maps around your house

We're working to fix our 'Maps around your house' application, you can still use a range of maps and applications on this page in the meantime, sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Rochdale Town Centre map

Development maps

Look at maps showing the developments around the borough.

Ordnance Survey maps

View Ordnance Survey maps or buy a variety of maps online.

Unitary Development Plan - proposals map

To see what land use policies and proposals apply to specific areas view the Proposals Map. You can select any area of the Plan by clicking on your chosen site and find information about the policies and proposals that relate to that area.

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