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Wheelchair accessible taxis

There are a number of wheelchair accessible taxis in Rochdale borough.

How to book a wheelchair accessible taxi

You can call the drivers on the list below to book a journey in a wheelchair accessible taxi.

Drivers should be able to help you get in or out of the taxi, load your bags or luggage onto the vehicle or help you get in or out of your wheelchair, if needed.

List of wheelchair accessible taxis

You can view all the wheelchair accessible taxis in the borough in the table below. We aim to update this list with any changes to drivers and phone numbers as soon as we're told about them.

Last updated: Wednesday, 31 July 2019.

​LocationRamp locationDriverPhone number​Plate number
​Rochdale​Side rampMohammed Mahboob​​​07780151491​HV0101
​Rochdale​Side rampMazhar Hussain07403497392​​HV0103
​Rochdale​Side rampMohammed Razaq
Zafar Iqbal
​Rochdale​​Side rampIshtiaq Ahmed07974469172​HV0106
​Rochdale​Rear rampIrshad Ahmed Khan07791695494​HV0107
​Rochdale​Rear rampRochdale Town Taxi01706 750850​HV0108
​Rochdale​Side rampAbid Hussain
Mohammed Khalid
​Rochdale​Side rampZafar Iqbal07424301789​HV0113
​Rochdale​Rear rampMohammed Razaq07976282730​HV0114
​Rochdale​Rear rampSajid Latif07877387679​HV0115
​Rochdale​​Side rampShafaq Khan07977378795​HV0116
​Rochdale​Side rampMahmood Ahmed
Omar Latif
​Rochdale​Rear rampManzoor Hussain
Raja Majid Khan
​Rochdale​Side rampFazal Hussain07710750118​HV0121
​Rochdale​Side ramp​Zia Uddin Babar​07459728924​HV0123
​Rochdale​Rear rampRochdale Town Taxi01706 750750​HV0126
​Rochdale​Rear rampMohammed Nahid07515789246​HV0127
​Rochdale​Rear rampMohammed Razaq07976282760​HV0128
​Rochdale​Rear rampMohammed Janghir
Jamil Mohammed
​Rochdale and Middleton​Side ramp​Syed Abbas Haider
Shah Shafait Hussain
​Rochdale and Middleton​Side ramp​Mohammed Arif​07479967859​​HV0112
​Rochdale and Middleton​Side ramp​Shafait Hussain​07876716984​​HV0120
​Middleton​Side ramp​Philip Burrows
Herbert Burrows
​Middleton​Side ramp​Francis Caine​01706 521380​HV0105
​Middleton​Side ramp​Mohammed Bashir
Mohammed Saghir
​01706 759315
​Middleton​Side ramp​Rita Burrows
Herbert Burrows
​Middleton​Rear ramp​Ashad Hafeez​07971871719​HV0130

Report a taxi or taxi driver

If you've had problems with a taxi or taxi driver in Rochdale borough, you may be able to report this to us.


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