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Guide to accessing the Town Hall

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Rochdale Town Hall updates

Some services in Rochdale Town Hall remain closed. They will resume on government advice when it is safe to do so.

Town Hall reception area

We want our beautiful Town Hall to be open to everyone and we aim to provide the highest level of access to the public areas for those with disabilities. However, you may find some areas difficult to access due to the historic nature of the Town Hall. Below is a description of the facilities on offer to assist you with your visit.

We look forward to welcoming you. If you have any queries or need assistance, please email or call 01706 924797.

Outside Rochdale Town Hall

Exterior of Rochdale Town Hall. Rochdale Town Hall is just a short walk from the transport interchange and is easily accessible by bus, tram, train or car. Here is more information on finding Rochdale Town Hall.

The paths around the Town Hall are the original stone flags and form part of the building’s heritage status. Dropped kerbs allow easy access from the car parks or road onto the pavement.

A slight slope of 4 degrees on a hard surface leads up to the main entrance. With the exception of during private events, the main double doors will be fixed open. Just inside, an automatic door 84cm wide leads into The Exchange and reception. This is the only automatic door in the building.

During private events, such as weddings, all visitors will be clearly signposted to the clock tower entrance. 3 steps with no handrail lead up from the pavement into the building. Wheelchair users will be guided to the rear entrance where the building can be accessed via a shallow ramp.

Reception and the ExchangeGrand Staircase.

After entering through the main doors, you will be presented with the Grand Staircase directly in front of you.

On your left is the reception desk which includes a lowered section. A hearing loop is available in both the reception area and Committee Rooms 1 and 2.

The area is evenly and well lit, with overhead lighting from both fluorescent and spot lights. Low but comfortable sofas with armrests can be found opposite the reception desk.

Illustrated guides and tickets for our weekly guided tour are both available from reception.

The ground floor

There are no steps on the ground floor; however there are several changes in the type of flooring including tiles, laminate, carpet and stone flags. Due to the age and authenticity of the building some of the floors are uneven but this does not impinge on the safety of people with disabilities.

There are 4 main committee rooms, 2 directly off the reception area and 2 down a corridor behind and to the right of the reception desk. The doors into these rooms and along the corridor are a minimum of 80cm wide.

Clock Tower Dining Room

The restaurant is situated at the end of the corridor on the ground floor. The floor leading into the Clock Tower Dining Room is level and the double door is 142cm wide.

Once inside, a member of the team will show you to your table which can be accessed up a single step or via a shallow ramp, if preferred. Table service is offered throughout your meal but the serving counter is suitable for wheelchair users, if required.

The lift

​The lift is located outside The Clock Tower Dining Room and provides easy access to the first floor. The dimensions of the lift are 81cm x 138cm and there is a mirror to aid reversing out.

It holds 1 wheelchair user and up to 2 people standing at a time. Access to the lift is maintained at all times throughout events.

The first floor

Great Hall

The main feature of the first floor is the Great Hall – the Grand Staircase has 40 shallow steps with handrails on both sides and leads directly into this stunning room.

Those using the lift should turn left and follow the stone flagged floor towards the hall. Benches and window seats can be found along both corridors and around the Great Hall.

The first floor is level but there are several different types of flooring including tiles, laminate, carpet and stone flags. All doors are a minimum of 104cm wide and lighting is reasonable throughout.

Those taking a tour will usually visit the Great Hall, Zodiac Bar and Council Chamber. Access into the Council Chamber is level; however access to the seating areas is stepped.

At each end of the building is a stone spiral staircase of 33 steps and handrails on both sides. Access is usually restricted for safety reasons but, during private events, these staircases may be used to access the first floor.

Public toilets

Ground floor toilet at Rochdale town hall. The main public toilets are accessed down a set of 19 steps with a handrail on one side, on either side of the Grand Staircase – male to the left, female to the right.

There are 2 adapted toilets – one on the ground floor and one on the first floor. Both are unisex and do not require keys to access them. Both are locked by a twist lock and feature, lever-type taps, emergency call alarms, low-level mirrors, paper towels and disposal facilities. Wall mounted and drop down rails are available on both sides.

The ground floor toilet is 9m from the reception area and measures 200cm x 228cm. The lateral transfer space is on the right as you face the toilet pan and measures 130cm. From the floor, the toilet seat measures 48cm, the sink 70cm and the toilet roll holder 67cm.

The first floor toilet is 12m from the Great Hall and measures 153cm x 210cm. The entrance is 84cm wide. The lateral transfer space is on the right as you face the toilet pan and measures 84cm. From the floor, the toilet seat measures 40cm, the sink 84cm and the toilet roll holder 54cm.

Additional information

All of our staff receive regular training that includes disability awareness training, fire evacuation and fire warden training. We have a set of evacuation procedures and, should you require it, someone will assist you with evacuation out of the building.

Assistance dogs are welcome and water will be provided on request.

Motorised mobility scooters are welcome but may not be able to access all areas of the building. We have one manual wheelchair available to those that require it whilst visiting. This is on request only and will only be for use with our trained and competent staff. Please phone and book to ensure availability.

Virtual tour


01706 924797

Phone: Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.

Rochdale Town Hall
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Guide to accessing Rochdale Town Hall

Town Hall opening times
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