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Community centres

Day services

We know that life is not easy when you are stuck at home all day, particularly if you need a little extra support. Getting out, taking part in leisure activities and socialising with friends can make all the difference.

Our Social and leisure activities section of our Adult Care Services web pages includes day services.

Community centres in the borough


Back O'th' Moss Community Centre
Peel Lane
Heywood OL10 4TU
Tel: 01706 623229
See Back O'th' Moss Community Centre on a map

Bangladesh Association Community Project
108 Ramsay Street
Rochdale OL16 2EE
Tel: 01706 860349
See Bangladesh Association Community Project on a map

Brookside Community Centre
Mainway East
Middleton M24 1RD
Tel: 07960 227627
See Brookside Community Centre on a map

Brotherhood Community Centre
C/O 238 Ings Lane
Rochdale OL12 7LD
Tel: 01706 350492

Burnside Community Centre
38 Burnside Crescent
Langley Estate
Manchester M24 5NN
Tel: 0161 643 5775
See Burnside Community Centre on a map

Butterworth Hall Community Centre
New Street
Rochdale OL16 3UX
Tel: 01706 630755.
See Butterworth Hall Community Centre on a map

Castlemere Community Centre
Tweedale Street
Rochdale OL11 1HH
Tel: 01706 645200

Castleton Community Centre
Manchester Road
Rochdale OL11 3BS
Tel: 01706 633495

Cleworth Road Community Centre
C/O 4 Thorn Avenue
Manchester M35 0WP
Tel: 0161 681 7532

Crimble Croft Community Centre
Aspinall Street
Heywood OL10 4HW
Tel: 01706 620340
See Crimble Croft Community Centre on a map

Deeplish Community Centre
Hare Street
Rochdale OL11 1JT
Tel: 01706 860151
See Deeplish Community Centre on a map

Demesne Community Centre
Asby Close
Middleton M24 4JF
Tel: 0161 653 2902
See Demesne Community Centre on a map

Heady Hill Community Centre
Whalley Road
Heady Hill 
Heywood OL10 3JG
Tel: 01706 365150
See Heady Hill Community Centre on a map

Heywood Pensioners Association
63 Sutherland Road
Heywood OL10 3PN
Tel: 01706 623113


Kashmir Youth Project
Ismail Fulat
Belfield Road
Rochdale OL16 2UP
Tel: 01706 630140
See Kashmir Youth Project on a map

Littleborough Old People's Welfare
38 Victoria Street
Rochdale OL15 9DB
Tel: 01706 370419

Littleborough Pensioners Association
20 Clough Road
Rochdale OL15 9JZ
Tel: 01706 379762

Meadowfield Community Centre
Eafield Road
Rochdale OL16 2TH
Tel: 01706 648005
See Meadowfield Community Centre on a map

North Area Partnership (Syke Community Base)
Feildhouse Industrial Estate
Feildhouse Road
Rochdale OL12 0AA
See North Area Partnership on a map

Rochdale Pensioners Association
919 Oldham Road
Rochdale OL11 3DG
Tel: 01706 655410

Rochdale Women's Welfare
18 Trafalgar Street
Rochdale OL16 2EB
Tel: 01706 860157
See Rochdale Womens Welfare on a map

Sparth Community Centre
Norman Road
Rochdale OL11 4HS
Tel: 01706 527276
See Sparth Community Centre on a map

Spotland Community Centre
92-96 Spotland Road
Rochdale OL12 6PJ
Tel: 01706 354151
See Spotland Community Centre on a map

Sudden and Brimrod Community Centre
Cheltenham Street
Rochdale OL11 3QJ
Tel: 01706 750286
See Sudden and Brimrod Community Centre on a map

Turf Hill Initiative Centre
Neston Road
Rochdale OL16 4XW
Tel: 01706 750554
See Turf Hill Initiative Centre on a map

Wardleworth Community Centre
South Street
Rochdale OL16 2EP
Tel: 01706 342889
See Wardleworth Community Centre on a map

Wardleworth Women's Centre
18 Trafalgar Street
Rochdale OL16 2EB
Tel: 01706 860157
See Wardleworth Women's Centre on a map

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