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Alcohol and drug misuse

There's a lot of help available in the Rochdale Borough for drug and alcohol users as well as plenty of support for family, friends and loved ones who are concerned about a person's substance misuse.

Initially you should contact our Renaissance Team if you are in need of help or have any questions, they will be happy to give you non-judgmental advice.

Call the Renaissance Team on 01706 924883 

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Services Directory

This directory has the contact information on drug and alcohol treatment services in Rochdale Borough, and includes information about the many types of help, support, treatments, therapies and needle exchange locations.

As well as medical care, advice and counselling on substance misuse and detoxification treatments, you can access many different motivational programmes and complementary treatments including reiki, acupuncture and massage that are proving successful in relieving withdrawal symptoms. Other support services to help with housing or training and employment needs are available.

Drug and alcohol treatment services directory (2MB pdf)


01706 924883

Renaissance Community Drug and Alcohol Outreach Team
72 Drake St
Rochdale OL16 1PA

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