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Annual Electoral Registration, what you need to do


Popular services in this section

Register to vote

Find out how to register to vote and what information is on the electoral register. 


Annual canvass

Find out what you need to do to keep the electoral register up-to-date.


Inspect or buy the electoral register

Find out where you can inspect the register, how opt in or out of it and how to buy it.


Apply to vote by post

Find out how to register to vote by post and view answers to popular questions.


Proxy voting

What it is and how to apply for a Proxy vote.


Polling stations

Find your local polling station.

More services

View election results

View local, general and European election results.


Contact your local councillor

Find out about your local councillor, how to contact them and the political make-up of the council.


How to stand as a candidate

Find out how to stand in local, UK and European elections.


Mayoral Petition Notice

Read the statutory notice that's published annually with the number of electors required for a Mayoral election. 


Councillors are elected for a 4-year term by thirds (ie at each election a third of the council is elected). Elections are held every year except the county council year. The election years are 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016 and so on.

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