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Annual Electoral Registration, what you need to do

Council and democracy

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Grants and trusts

Grants, trusts and organisations that aim to support local residents.



Read about the duties and responsibilities of the council's Mayor.


Equality and diversity

Our vision for equality and diversity is of representing, serving and employing people as equals and valuing the diversity of their contributions.


About your council

A council which builds success and prosperity with our citizens and partners, whilst protecting our vulnerable people.


Citizenship ceremonies

A Citizenship Ceremony is the final stage in granting British Citizenship to foreign nationals.


How we store your data

We're committed to open and transparent government and believe that making information available to the public is central to the democratic process. Find out more.


Help to get the most from your council website

Help with using the website and find out how we make it accessible for everyone.  

Today's committee meetings

All meetings are open to the public unless excluded in accordance with the provisions of Section 100A (4) of the Local Government Act 1972.

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