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Green Infrastructure Action Plans

​​​​​​​Green Infrastructure is the term used to describe all of the green areas that surround and connect the built environment, from the smallest verge and street tree to the open moors surrounding the borough. It also includes street trees, open water, footpaths and cycleways. The term infrastructure is used because to get the most out of all these spaces it is better if we plan and manage them as a network rather than as isolated, unconnected spaces, which is the traditional way.

A Green Infrastructure Action Plan has been developed for each Township. The plans will help ensure our green infrastructure is appropriately protected, managed and enhanced with new areas created where appropriate within each Township. They will also provide a valuable body of evidence to help target and attract resources for delivering green infrastructure where it is needed more effectively.

Middleton Green Infrastructure Action Plan, January 2012 (1.6MB pdf)

Pennines Green Infrastructure Action Plan, July 2012 (2.2MB pdf)

Rochdale Township Green Infrastructure Action Plan, September 2013 (3.6MB pdf)


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