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How we're reducing family conflict

How we're reducing family conflict

​We're working with partners on reducing family conflict and supporting families earlier so conflict doesn't lead to lasting damage for children, young people and parents.

Relationship manifesto for Rochdale borough

We've created a relationship manifesto to raise awareness of the positive and negative impact relationships can have on us. It details how we'll try to ensure healthy relationships for everyone who lives, works, studies and volunteers in Rochdale borough.

Our relationship manifesto outlines how we plan to make a difference with family conflict which includes:

  • Developing a clear strategy for reducing family conflict
  • Establishing a lead group to monitor our progress
  • Promoting a joined up, co-ordinated response
  • Naming relationship champions to promote relationship change and developments
  • Creating a training package for groups working with families
Read our relationship manifesto for the borough (4.8MB pdf)

How to get help to reduce family conflict

There's a relationship champion at each of our children's centres in the borough. These champions can offer families support and guidance or signposting to further services.

In 2019, we're training hundreds of our staff, partners and volunteers to become relationship champions. Our relationship champions will complete a dedicated training programme called 'how to argue better'.

This will mean there are hundreds of people working across the community who are able to help couples and families reduce conflict in their relationships.

Why we want to reduce family conflict

We're dedicated to reducing family conflict for a number of reasons, including:

  • Evidence shows reducing conflict between parents is one of the most effective ways to reduce mental health problems in children.
  • Family conflict costs the public sector around £46 billion a year through related services.
  • Exposure to frequent conflict between parents is associated with a range of problems for children and young people. This can include poorer academic outcomes, negative peer relationships, substance misuse and poor future relationships. View evidence resource about family disadvantage and its impact on children
More about why we and other local councils want to reduce family conflict

Who we're working with to reduce family conflict

We're working with a number of different organisations to reduce family conflict. The expertise and research from these organisations have helped us create our relationship manifesto.

Reducing family conflict conference October 2018

Support groups and agencies sat listening to a presentation at the reducing family conflict conference in October 2018. On Wednesday, 3 October 2018, we hosted a conference where we launched our relationship manifesto. A number of different agencies and support groups in the borough attended to listen to our plans and find out how they can get involved.

Download the programme and presentations from the conference on reducing family conflict:


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