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How we're performing


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Council performance icon

Council performance

How we perform against our corporate priorities.

View and compare council performance on LG Inform icon

Map your council's performance against other councils both across the country, near neighbours or councils similar to your own.

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View school's performance

2014 has seen fantastic results across Key Stage 2 with increases at L4+ and L5+

Council awards and accolades icon

Council awards and accolades

View a selection of our achievements.

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Website success

We achieved the maximum 4 stars in Better Connected. Find out more about our website accolades.

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Website usage statistics icon

Website usage statistics

View website usage statistics for this website.

How we measure our website
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How we measure our website success

We look at number of factors to gauge how successful this website is over time and against other council websites.

View our road safety
performance icon

View our road safety performance

Compare our traffic and casualty statistics with other local authorities to see how we are performing.

My NHS icon

Compare the performance of your local NHS hospital, care services and your local authority.

Other services

  • ​​​​​​​​​Policies and strategies - the way services are run and developed and decisions made are guided by a number of policy documents and strategies.