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Pathway plans

When you leave care, you'll need to be able to do a lot of things for yourself. It's a good idea to find out now what you can do already and what you're going to need to practice.

Through the pathway plan, we'll work together to look at the different aspects of your life to help understand your individual needs and ensure that they are met both now and in the future.  

What's included in your pathway plan

There are different areas that will be covered in your pathway plan, these include:

  • Health and self-care skills
  • Accommodation
  • Family and social relations
  • Identity
  • Education, employment and training
  • Emotional and behavioural support

Assessment for your pathway plan

We'll do an assessment to create your pathway plan so we can work out what your needs are and how we can support you to live independently.

For your pathway plan to be effective, it will be based on an up to date needs assessment. We aim to fully involve you in the development of your pathway plan. It's really important that you contribute. Remember this is your plan so get involved.

Reviewing your pathway plan

We'll review your pathway plan with you regularly so that it's kept up to date. We must review your plan every 6 months, or earlier if there is a change of circumstance like moving into different accommodation.

During each review, you can complete a 'care leaver's consultation' to tell us your views and identify your progress in each of the areas in the plan. This way, we can work together to identify which areas you'll need additional support in to achieve positive outcomes and a positive transition into adulthood.

It also helps us understand how you feel we are supporting you to develop through the years, as well as making your ambitions clear so that we can support you further in how to achieve them.

Speak to your social worker or personal advisor for more information about reviewing your pathway plan.

Don't want to leave care?

​​​​​​​​​​We start talking to you about your future as a care leaver from the age of 16, but that's only to help us support you to become an independent person in the future.

There is no rush to leave care. If you want to stay where you are, we can look at ways to help you remain in your current placement.

  • Staying Put - view information about staying in care after you turn 18


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