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Registering a death

You need to register the death in the district where it took place within 5 days. The Coroner covers the areas of Bury, Oldham and Rochdale. If the Coroner is involved and the death takes place in either Rochdale, Bury or Oldham you'll be required to contact the relevant Register Office.

Find out what to do after someone dies - see the GOV.UK website

Register a death in Rochdale - ring 01706 924783 to make an appointment

Register a death in Bury

Register a death in Oldham

What you need to bring to your appointment

Your appointment will be held at the Rochdale Register Office and you must bring the medical certificate issued by the doctor. Without this certificate the Registrar will not be able to register the death. If the death has been reported to the Coroner’s Office they will advise you what to do.

It's also helpful if you bring the deceased person’s birth certificate or passport to help check spellings, marriage certificate (if applicable) and medical card.

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Notifying organisations of a change in circumstances - Tell us once

When you register a death we can tell government departments and local authority services about the death through our 'Tell us Once' service. The service is free and you can choose which organisations will be told. 

When you ring to make an appointment to register a death you'll be offered this service.

Organisations we can notify

Government services Council services
Department for Work and Pensions Blue Badges
The Pension Service Adult Care Services
Disability and Carers Service Children's Services
Jobcentre Plus Collection of payment for Council services
HM Revenue & Customs Licensing
Child Benefit Electoral Services
Tax Credits Council Tax/Business rates
Identity and Passport Service Housing and Local Council Tax Support

Information you'll need for the 'Tell us Once' service

  • Their National Insurance number and date of birth
  • Details of any benefits or services they were receiving.
  • Their death certificate.
  • Their driving licence or driving licence number.
  • Their passport or passport number.
  • Their Blue Badge.

We may also ask for information about:

  • Their next of kin, including their national insurance number.
  • Any surviving husband, wife or civil partner.  
  • Anybody who is getting child benefit on their behalf.
  • The person dealing with the estate.

You must obtain the agreement of the next of kin or person dealing with the estate if you're going to provide information about them. 

How we treat your information

We'll treat all the information you give us securely. The organisations we give your information to will use it to update records; to initiate or end services, benefits and entitlements as appropriate; and to resolve any outstanding issues. They may use the information we give them in other ways, but only as the law allows.


01706 924784
Fax: 0844 963 2314

Rochdale Register Office
Town Hall
Vicars Gate
Rochdale OL16 1AB

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