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Feedback on council's Armed Forces work

​​​​​​Here's some of the feedback we've received on the work we've done and are doing for armed forces, ex-armed forces and their families. 

We want to hear from you to, so please do let us know what's working, what's not and how we can improve by contacting us.

3 July 2014 - Feedback from user

Hi All,

May I just say thank you for the support, hard work and time everybody has put in to get me and my family back on track.

I have not long told the misses and she burst into tears. We are amazed at what has happened in a short number of days.

I owe everybody involved so much!

Many thanks

Matt and Family

February 2014 – Feedback from ex-armed forces

Customer praises staff at RRG (Toyota) Rochdale for their customer service. RRG (Toyota) Rochdale is one of the members that has signed up to be on the Covenant Board.

December 2013 - Julie Ramsden

"My son, Daniel Ramsden, is a Corporal in the Army. He returned from Afghanistan early November and is now on leave (in Heywood) until 10th January. He has been making use of the free access to the Link4Life gym in Heywood on a daily basis (which has helped him 'put things into perspective in his head' at what he had witnessed in Afghanistan), and is truly grateful for what RMBC has arranged for the soldiers of the Borough and the signing of the Armed Forces Covenant. He has been informed that the free membership to the gym ends at 31.12.13.

"Are there any plans to continue access to the gym in the new year? Regardless of whether you are able to extend this free membership, we would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to the support of RMBC to the Armed Forces.

"Best wishes."

September 2013 - Richard Foster, Area Manager for the Royal British Legion in Greater Manchester

"We are thrilled to see the great steps Rochdale Council has taken to support our Armed Forces since signing the Community Covenant last year. The aim of the Covenant is to remember the sacrifices made by our Armed Forces and encourage activities which help to integrate Service personnel, past and present, into local life. The council has made great progress in honouring the Covenant and we wish Councillor Alan McCarthy and his team the best of luck with their future plans to strengthen their support for the Armed Forces community in Rochdale."

September 2013 - Lieutenant Colonel Rich Jordan, the Military Liaison Officer for Greater Manchester.

"Since Rochdale Borough Council signed an Armed Forces Community Covenant on 28 November 2012, I have been taken aback by the drive and determination of the Borough to turn the good words of the covenant into good deeds. The Borough has given free passes to their leisure centres to serving members of the Armed Forces, has instigated a guaranteed interview policy for members of the Armed Forces applying for jobs in the local authority, has renamed a street in the Borough in honour of Lance Corporal Stephen Shaw MC, superbly supported Service Leavers as they transition to civilian life and in the wake of the murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby, a son of Rochdale, led the Nation’s condolences to his family at his funeral in the Borough. Their website is held up as best practice for all other local authorities and they are actively planning the delivery of a Warrior Games for wounded service personnel in the summer of 2014. The difference they are trying to make both locally, regionally and nationally is significant and on behalf of the Armed Forces Community in Rochdale I thank them for the superb work they are doing."

Alan McCarthySeptember 2013 - Councillor Alan McCarthy the council's appointed Lead member for the Armed Forces

"Since being appointed as the Lead member for the Armed Forces I have worked very closely with the council's Community Covenant Team. We have built up a fantastic relationship with representatives from serving and ex servicing personnel and their families.We have listened to their needs and are shaping our services around supporting them. We are also promoting the fantastic work that our Armed forces do. Our website is an excellent example of what you can do if you are passionate and want to make a difference and with 18,000 page views since we launched it 5 months ago I am thrilled to see that other councils are now following suit and that we are receiving national recognition.”

Councillor Colin Lambert. September 2013 - Rochdale Council Leader Colin Lambert

"We are passionate about our work with the Armed Forces community in Rochdale because we recognise the work and sacrifices they make for us on a daily basis. In Rochdale we have a proud tradition of working with our Armed Forces community and since signing the Armed Forces Community Covenant we really have started to make a difference".






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