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Off-road bike advice for Rochdale borough

Are you thinking of buying a quad bike, mini motorbike or go-ped for your child to ride off-road? Don't - there is nowhere legal to ride them within the borough of Rochdale.

  • It is illegal to ride off-road vehicles such as quads, scramblers, mini-motos and go-peds on any public space in the borough of Rochdale. This includes parks, pavements, waste grounds or parkways.
  • If one of these bikes is ridden off-road, your child will be breaking the law and there is a risk of a hefty fine, a Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO), a Community Protection Notice (CPN) or a breach of tenancy.
  • To ride a bike on the road it must be especially built for road use. The rider would have to be over 16 and will need registration documents, MOT, road tax, insurance, a license and an approved crash helmet just like a real motorbike.
  • Riders risk serious injury, even death, to themselves and pedestrians.

Is there anywhere legal to ride off-road bikes?

There are no places to legally ride off-road vehicles in the borough of Rochdale. However, there are organisations that provide information on events and practice grounds, where off-road bikes and quad bikes can be ridden legally.


Alleygating Team

01706 924687

Phone: Monday-Friday 9am-4.30pm.

Community Safety Unit
Number One Riverside
Smith Street
Rochdale OL16 1XU

Report antisocial behaviour​​

Report antisocial behaviour or make any other community safety related complaint such as off road biking and ball games